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On the Scales

Weight Management

Making weight management easier and tastier. Busy lives, lesser personal time and all this coupled with higher stress, lower nutrient food choices add not only to weight gain but poor health as well.

Here at Simply Healthy, we make it easier and tastier for you to lose weight.

Healthy Green Smoothies


Every now and then, we need to pause and help our bodies get rid of the build up of toxins accumulated over time.  Our Detox plans help you nudge your health in the right direction.

Fitness for future mothers

Women's Health

We understand the challenges and have years of experience with various concerns regarding your health as a woman.

From pre and post pregnancy to PCOS and other hormonal concerns, we help you choose the right dietary support to help you along to better health.

Grapefruit and Vitamins

Medical Support

Medical conditions such as diabetes, PCOS, hypertension and others, require a specific nutritional support to ensure that the efficacy of medications is maintained. Our clinical dietitian will ensure that the best plan is designed for you.

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Food Intolerances

A growing body of research based evidence suggests that most of us have certain food intolerances. From gluten to dairy to certain types of proteins. Food intolerances keep the gut under stress and can lead to hormonal disruptions and other hard to diagnose symptoms. We have customized plans to support your dietary requirements, if you have any food intolrances

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Lifestyle Plans

So many options to choose from. This is a golden age for lifestyle enhancements. Whatever your interests are..from rock climbing to Ironman Triathlons to Yoga to Physique enhancements, we have just the plan for you.

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